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my teeny weeny existence in the big big universe......

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time just FLEW past. it's August!!!! soon it'll be christmas already loh!!

Paris came.. and gone already. thought spending 8 nights there was too much... it's not enough! the weather was great (except when it rained -_-).. and the food was so so so yummy! i must have packed on a couple more kilos when i got back... and i think the kilos are still on me now. damn it. suan le. i will try to cut down on carbs.. (it's really really really difficult!!!!) and try to run more often. and try to join Kris for Zumba.
ok.. with Paris gone.. next holiday please!!! 
planning on end Oct.. this time it's going to be a resort holiday.. Samui or Bali??? and hopefully sam and limin can go togets! gonna be fun!!!!!
us beneath the Eiffel Tower
one of my fav pics beneath the Eiffel Tower :)

been a year at this current company and my boss was so sweet la! gave me a bouquet of flowers for the first working anniversary... thanks Mr L.!

went to visit Gardens By The Bay with CM and Bee yesterday... J is away to BKK for a business trip ((though it's more of a food and massage trip -_-)
the flowers are Flower Dome are really really so pretty!!!! took lotsa pics and feel so happy looking at those bright cheery flowers! nice place.. shall bring mummy and papa there one day! :)

life. unpredictable..as always....
hello dear blog!
been such a long time since the last entry.. life have been kind and good to me, i guess.
living together with J for 6 months now.. there are ups and downs, but ultimately, it really boils down to how we learn to live with each other and get used to each other's habits. that said.. still looking forward to have our own place really really soon.. hopefully by end of this year! can't wait to dress our new place up!

been about 10 months since with the new company. good place to have work/home balance. at least no more crazy long hours like previously. learning new things constantly, am glad I made the switch. though it may not be as interesting as before, but i know me, not the super ambitious type to climb the corporate ladder. but am happy with what i have for now, we'll see how it goes. :)

huey is preggers..and so is duina! one of my nieces is also delivering this year...so many many babies!!!
and someone close and dear to me just found out about her pregnancy..so super super excited!! more baby stuff to buy!!!  hoping i can buy some baby stuff for my own too! ;p but hoping and wishing aside, all things will 随缘..

i hope c will be okay and happy once again...life is tough..and even rough at times. but we are all here for her and though there is nothing much we can do, we will be with her.. babe..jia you ok?

paris.. wait for me.. seeing you in 1.5 weeks!!!! going to be away for 8 days.. just in Paris. please let the weather be good.. am looking forward to this trip! been such a long time since i went there.. this time with J! oh, and please let me have patience when he is shopping..hahaha.. this is a virtue that has eluded me for the longest time. MUST. BE. PATIENT. ;p
Screen shot 2012-07-02 at PM 06.31.40

andy proposed to qi last night!
he got cc & me and qi's other close friends for a dinner and surprised her when she walked in with a song.
and that speech.. really lah, i give it to him. hahaha.. he's really well prepared and confident lah.it was just very sweet and touching and cc and i both teared when we saw qi crying too. bigs hugs to you qi!!! congrats to you and af again! :) :)

we have all really grown up! hmmm.. maybe a better way to phrase it is to say we have all moved on to a different stage in our lives. cc's wedding is next and qi's wedding to follow! imagine in 2 years time when we are all Mrs and with kids (maybe)??? 3 of us really kinda "grew up" together these few years.. from being single, to finding the right guy.. to being a Mrs. i guess in a way i bonded with them more than some others coz everything happened to us at around the same time.. and each time we are there for each other to share the joys and sadness... love you babes! :)

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2 more days and we'll be "really married", according to the chinese customs.

been a stressful week, not because of the preps but coz his dad was hospitalized. i guess his condition is stable, but all of us are still worried. a minor surgery is required, but because of his age and some other health conditions, there is still risks involved and all of us are just worried for him and not really focusing on the wedding.

i should be happy and excited, but i'm not. in fact it doesn't even feel like we are getting married in 2 days time! really very stressed out. 

i really hope his dad will be ok..

(no subject)

i really don't like to plan for this wedding. it's irritating the shit out of me. 

ARGHHHHHH.... hate it hate it hate it!!!!

(no subject)
the date is getting nearer! i guess we are on track with the preps (i hope!), and hopefully everything will be done soon!

already am moving some stuff to his place. and his dad is really nice lah, painting the room and making some small home improvements for us. :) these recent few weeks have been about getting stuff for the wedding and for our new room. kinda excited and feels surreal. :)

j is off to shanghai for work till next week and going to miss his birthday! at least we had an advance birthday dinner for him yesterday at Bistro Du Vin. I went there first last week with qi & cc. The food is so so good lah.. and last night's meal was amazing too! The meats were all so tender and I love the pate and bread!! Not too expensive too..definitely going back there again. :)

It's deepavali public holiday today and off to work again tomorrow... hope this week will pass soon enough, can't wait for J to be back (and hopefully his present will be delivered before he's back!) :)

31 already!
first birthday at the new company.. one of my colleague surprised me with a fuschia rose, and the rest bought a cake and sang a birthday song for me. quite a surprise actually, they switched off the office light and i was about to turn around and scold the person who did that... heng i didn't. haha....
and it was good because this year, it is really a simple celebrate in the office! no one had to say anything about anyone!! good! we all just ate cake, cracked some jokes and then went back to work. all in 20 mins. hahaha..

limin and sam came by and had lunch with me. 31 yr olds behaving like 13 year olds. it was really really a nice lunch. laughing so much till my stomach hurts. we are "STEW" friends after 14 years!! amazing la. really love them both. :)
now just looking forward  to another post birthday dinner with ah lan, susan and xm... and cc & qi... and with karin, kris and shannen! yummyyy!!!

james came by my place and we had dinner at home. this year, the birthday feels different. i have (almost) my whole family with me! :) really nice to just have a simple dinner and cake with the family. am happy and contented :) life is good like this!

so ..happy 31st to me again! it's a good birthday!

30 --> 31
the birthday's near and hmm... don't really feel it.
in the earlier part of the week, i was so busy and i didn't realise that it's next week!
maybe it's a sign i'm of getting older. how can i not be excited about my birthday!! 

will be working on that day anyways, it's a monday!! arghh.. how i would love to take the day off and go for a facial and massage!! now i just have to hope that it'll be an easy day at work.

well, another year has passed, i truly hope i am wiser.
and i wish for love, happiness and good health to my family and friends (and of coz myself lah!). 

oh! and to go for a holiday on the birthday next year! some place like this will be awesome!!! :)))

sixth of september
how so many things happened in a short span of 3 years.
how we 3 went through heartbreaks, found (ok cliche here) The One, bought houses, getting married, got new jobs. And still remained close despite not working together.

i think we all didn't really plan for or thought that things will kinda fall into place for us in such a short time.  and i guess it's good, no high expectations, and when things happen, we just need to take it in our stride and make the best of it. and sometimes, good things do happen. :)

3 more months to the wedding. slowly making progress on the preps. (but im still praying it will all fall into place and i just need to turn up for the wedding..haahhaa)

and cc's getting married in july next year! so exciting.. can't wait for her wedding. i think i feel more excited for her wedding than my own. -_-

met with limin and rena last sat for drinks. it was good to catch up, guess we should really try to do it more often. 
on a side note, i need to make more of an effort to go out. sometimes i find myself getting really lazy and just want to bum at home. no good!

all has been good at work. still learning, trying my best to figure things out. but so far, so good. hopefully it's a place i can stay for long... (unless my life is interrupted by twin babies or something.)

"Don't live in the past, thinking about mistakes or changes you made. Think of your life as a book, move forward, close one chapter and open another. Learn from your mistakes, but focus on your future, not on your past."

1st week on...
good first week with Sofitel. finally we had our orientation today and it was quite fun actually. had a super busy week setting up the office and getting things into place. and finally! met my french male boss and thai female boss. so far, so good i guess. hopefully they'll be really nice to work with :)


i miss the girls in the office!!! 
i miss speaking in mandarin and swearing in hokkien! 
i miss morning brekkie with cc and smoke breaks with cc and qi.
i miss em's straight-face humour and kakak's motherly-ness.
i miss minn's hilarious stories of her "neighbour".
i miss having yoke around to ask about stuff when i am not sure.
i miss keke for her helpfulness.

i miss so many things. maybe coz now i'm kinda seated alone at the other end of the office and it's quiet....

guess i'll get used to it soon enough. but for now,i really wanna thank technology (email, bbm, whatsapp) for making my life a little less lonely....