1st week on...

good first week with Sofitel. finally we had our orientation today and it was quite fun actually. had a super busy week setting up the office and getting things into place. and finally! met my french male boss and thai female boss. so far, so good i guess. hopefully they'll be really nice to work with :)


i miss the girls in the office!!! 
i miss speaking in mandarin and swearing in hokkien! 
i miss morning brekkie with cc and smoke breaks with cc and qi.
i miss em's straight-face humour and kakak's motherly-ness.
i miss minn's hilarious stories of her "neighbour".
i miss having yoke around to ask about stuff when i am not sure.
i miss keke for her helpfulness.

i miss so many things. maybe coz now i'm kinda seated alone at the other end of the office and it's quiet....

guess i'll get used to it soon enough. but for now,i really wanna thank technology (email, bbm, whatsapp) for making my life a little less lonely....

bali.. bagus!

back from bali already! think we'll need to take a longer trip the next time.. we only had 3 full days there! and kinda wasted a day on the so-called day tour. spent most of the time traveling coz the traffic in Bali was quite bad. 
anyways! it was a relaxing trip, though j went crazy over Hurley stuff. -_- and i bought another bikini and beach shorts. now i'm all tanned and i am itchy all over!!!!! yeah.. got sun burnt. but it was all worth it! 


finally...the shoot is over..and a holiday soon!!!

 we finally went for the wedding shoot yesterday.. all done and over with!!!
truely a hot and tiring day. started off with the shoot in the studio..posing and smiling...with the photographer asking us for pensive-looking shots...with j carrying me blah blah blah...

and it was j's first time putting on makeup!! hahaha.. he was squirming and scrunching his face when the make-up lady lady brushed some powder on him. -_- well, i guess we can say he is no longer a make-up virgin now :p

it was kinda fun..but nope, i wouldn't want to go through with it again. then we went out to MacRitchie Reservoir for some outdoor shots.
all the time, i was just hoping the monkeys don't come over and attack us. hahaha..we were sweating and melting under the hot i just hope the pictures turn out nice!!!!

oohh...and im going bali!!!! yay!!!!! first week of august..before i start with the new company. all seems good for now! :)))))


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i finally did it!
tendered my resignation last week and last day will be end of jul. i guess there isn't much they both can do to make me stay. well. maybe unless dh leaves. hahaa. anyways, i'm finally moving on, hopefully to something better. *fingers crossed*
already told management why i'm leaving. just that some things we can't really be upfront and frank with them..hopefully they do realize that is really a problem with the way things are being done and managed and change for the better.

3 years in this company..can't say i am utterly sad to leave, but not entirely happy either. met the 2 girls whom i shared my joys & sorrows with, whom became my best friends. met really nice colleagues whom helped me in my course of work, and i will miss working with them coz they are probably some of the few good people who really work in the company. oh! and i met james! :)
all in all... these 3 years spent were not entirely bad, though there seemed to be more complaints from me than praises. but i really learnt a lot, and i am glad i didn't give up when things were really tough at the beginning.

hopefully, the next company will be a better environment to work in. i am very sure i will have grouses about work again in future (it's all part and parcel or work!), but really hoping it will be a better place and people to work with.

it's already july now..3 more months to the wedding!!! ok we are already SLOWLY trying to draw up the guest list. and taking wedding pictures next thursday. actually i'm getting a little bit stressed about this whole wedding affair. not too sure what needs to be prepared and what we have left out. sigh. it's so troublesome!!!

what i want to do MOST now.. is to go for a holiday!!! cc just came back from phuket and looking at her pictures, i really really miss beach holidays. not too sure if we can go for a short break before i start on my new job next month. hopefully we can go Bali for a few days.. but heard that it's the low season now coz it's supposed to be raining all the time. sobs. shall confirm again next week if we are going... and if we are... please let the weather be so duper fabulousssss!!!!!!!!!!


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how many people have had the experience of waiting in a cold clinic for ages and feeling really really sick but still it is still NOT YOUR TURN TO SEE THE DOC???

it really irks me is that some doctors and nurses at clinics are simply S.L.O.W in attending to patients and being so unsympathetic even if the patient is so sick and looks like he/she is going to fall off the chair anytime soon. why do people go to see doctors? because they are sick right?
ok fine some go for the MCs, i admit and i had been guilty of that. but when you are struck with a bad cold, running a fever with a pounding heading and having hot and cold sensations, all you wanna do is to see the doc, get your medication and get the hell out of the cold (why are clinics always so cold! it really makes the sick feel more sick!!!) clinic and get home to rest.
but really, i guess the doctors and nurses are so used to seeing patients everyday, they don't treat patients with the kind of empathy that i feel are expected of them in a way.

i brought mum to the clinic earlier coz she was feeling really sick, think she caught the flu bug and was running a temperature and she looked so pale and frail, it breaks my heart. we waited at the clinic for about 30-40 mins. in these 40 min wait, the doc saw a total of THREE patients. wtf. ok i know the doctor might be simply doing his job, trying to get the right diagnosis by asking questions and examining the patient more thoroughly, but hello!!!! THREE PATIENTS IN 40 MINS?????? and the patients who went in came out in 10 mins or less. i really don't know what the doc was doing the rest of the time. i asked the nurse twice if she could check if the doc was ready when it was my mum's turn. she said "HOLD ON" and brushed me off. ok fine. i waited for another 3 minutes before i raised my voice and asked her again. she said the doc was writing the medication for the patient earlier and that the doc could hear me. -_- but really, good! that was my point too when i raised my voice. it's so blardy irritating!!!! i just gave her a tulan face and stood in front of her desk and crossed my arms. after maybe like 30 seconds the doc could see my mum FINALLY. he was quite detailed in asking her where she felt uncomfortable etc., so i decided to play nice and told him i was sorry about what happened but because i was really worried seeing mum so sick. he didn't look up from his computer and just nod his head.

wtf. are the doctors now really just money-grubbing, incompassionate humans? sigh. i know not all are like that, but it really really pisses me off. maybe people like this never falls sick, they don't know how horrible it can feel even if it is "just a flu bug".

argh. this is really pissing me off. stupiak people!!!!!

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did this random photo montage. makes me smile when i see him making silly faces. very unlike his usual self, and glad that he has this side of him that makes me laugh :)
we went Greenwood Fish Bistro for lunch yesterday and had the fabulous $1 oysters again! shioks!
lunch was good but we were actually kinda arguing. ok he didn't argue with me, but i was...uhm... voicing my unhappiness over some stuff. but anyways, i really tried and refrain from throwing a temper again. but did tell him about my views and he understands. i guess when it comes to certain superstitious beliefs, we can't coerce the other party into what we believe and what we do not coz everyone is brought up a different way. just hope that he can try to see certain things my way and i will also try to accept it if he can't.

Still trying to look for better job opportunities. actually i'm comfortable with where i am now, but its also scary coz its so easy to get complacent and the longer i drag, the more difficult it is to move later on...
so.. i will buck up and try to search more actively, hope something good comes up soon!

so..which party should i vote for?

all these political frenzy going on.. PAP, SDP, WP, NSP etc... endless rallies attended by thousands..conversations being peppered with"nicole seah" and "tin pei ling" and "kate spade"... sometimes it just gets a little too overwhelming in a way.

i guess as a singaporean who is eligible to vote, i should care more and pay more attention to what and whom i am voting for. but really.. i just can't seemed to get myself more involved. the only thing i do is to watch the rallies on youtube and listen to j & friends talking about it.
when asked about my view.. i don't really have any. all i want is... world peace? haha.. sounds so corny and beauty-pageant-ish.
well, what i really want is an efficient and effective government. i want competent people in the parliament who considers the well-being of it's citizens. matter which party i vote for, or whichever party secure more seats in the parliament, please please please do a good job in running the country, because your citizens are counting on u! :)

political issues aside, work as usual is a constant battle. it's either small battles or all out war we are fighting every other day. ck's mood has been as gloomy as the weather these days and almost everyone of us are on our toes, just not too sure when we will have to bear the brunt of his outbursts. dh as usual... just hides quietly in her room all day. and these days, all the weird people are showing their pattern again.. the SIGHER (she sighs almost at every task she has to complete) or the REPEATER (who tunes out when people are having a conversation and then tries to repeat what has been said). sometimes it's entertainment for me and cc also lah..but at other times, it's simply annoying.
so, i have not yet given up on looking for another job, but at the same time, trying not to care so much lest it affects me and i make a rash decision to quit immediately. hopefully i'll find something worth moving on soon...wish me luck!

it's already May.. and the wedding dinner is in 7 month's time! and we are both not doing preparation yet. i think we really are taking it easy...too easy in fact. hahhaa... but i think there should be nothing much to do i suppose?? shit.. i better see if i have any checklist on hand... (kan chiong spider already.....!!!!)

our first europe trip together!

 just back from milan this morning!!!!

was a good trip overall. i'm thoroughly walked-out and shopped-out already. ate enough pastas and pizzas on this trip (which makes me crave for fishball noodle soup now!). ohh and they have great gelatos!!!!!! yummmmssssss!

we travelled to rome, florence, venice and milan.
i remember the train rides to the different cities, the bus rides in rome, the metro rides to all the shopping areas, all the non-stop walking, shopping and eating.

the hotels we stayed in were nothing to shout about, but at least they were near to all the train stations and convenient. and we didn't watch any English programmes for the first 3/4 of our trip, until when we reached Milan where we had BBC and CNN. -_-

ok on this trip, i did throw a few tantrums here and there, probably because i was tired and have really never went all out to shop-till-i-almost-drop before. but i tried to keep my temper in check and be more zen about things. because j is really patient and never did he once lost his temper at me, he even tried to pacify me!
yups i know i am truly blessed to have him, i shall try to be a better wife to him! :)))))

j bought alot of stuff during the trip! clothes, shoes, jeans...and more clothes, shoes and jeans!!!!!!! he can out-shop me by...100000000000 times!!!!! have to give it to him lah... his relentless pursuit for fashion. haha...
some of the brands were so foreign to me... but he knows them lor. feels like i married a girl. really!

all in all...i did enjoy myself. the weather was fabulous, (sunny but not hot and humid), the Italians were friendly (and the men... handsome!!!), the food was delicious.. and the company was just perfect. :)
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sweet song from 范瑋琪
i liked it when i heard it on TV last night. 
warms my heart when i'm listening to this song and thinking of j. :)
miss him already.

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 qi just commented that i don't blog anymore.
i do have stuff that sometimes i wanna rant about. but lately it consists of mainly unhappy work stuff and thinking about it just bores me to death..just can't find the extra energy to blog about it.
whatever it is.. i just hope and wish and pray that i will meet my next employer soon. and a better one please!
ok NEXT!

had this thought all of sudden.
for all the wrongs i have done in my life, perhaps i did something really right (or rightfully wrong?) for me to have met J.  this silly man sometimes make me upset, but he makes me laugh and happy mostly. :)

qi, cc and i went to attend peixian's wedding and we went for drinks at Loof with ping, jolene and meiru.
i think 3 of us hadn't been out for a super super long time already! we were talking and laughing like mad... anything that was said just tickled us. hahahhaaa... i can't even remember what did we really talk about. i just remembered laughing with them.
it was fun.. i like hanging out like this. we should start to do this more often AGAIN!
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